Portable Water Towers

12,000 Gallon Portable Water Towers by Allison Enterprise, LLC

Portable Water TowerAllison Enterprise is a dealer for 12,000 gallon portable water towers. Our portable water towers are a 12,000 platform or stand tank designed for towing with a fifth-wheel. The portable water tower is used to rapidly fill water distribution equipment to maximize the productivity of your operation. All Portable water towers are self-erecting, using an engine driven hydraulic pump and hoist cylinders. Our portable water towers have a 12 inch diameter discharge pipe that can deliver up to 2,500 GPM capable of filling a 5,000 gallon tank in approximately 2 minutes.

Portable Water TowersAllison Enterprise, LLC's portable water towers are designed to comply with all DOT requirements. Our portable water towers are also available in custom colors, and with special signage. We can also line the inside of the tank for extended life.

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